It’s amazing that you can listen to any song and you can always tell when there’s some substance beneath it and when there isn’t. Even if it’s poetically written and technically brilliant, I’d rather hear something that’s all over the place but has some soul to it.

Teddy Thompson


The Quote in Other Words

It’s remarkable how one can discern whether a song has depth or not, regardless of the genre. While a piece may be artistically crafted and skillfully executed, I prefer to hear something that may not be perfectly structured but has an emotional essence to it.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote speaks to the importance of substance and soul in music. It suggests that technical brilliance and poetic writing are not enough to make a song truly great. Instead, the presence of soul is what sets a song apart and makes it truly memorable.

The idea of substance in music is often associated with lyrics that have a deeper meaning or message. However, this quote suggests that substance can also be found in the overall feeling and emotion conveyed by a song. A song that is all over the place but has soul is one that is raw and authentic, and that connects with listeners on a deeper level.

Ultimately, this quote reminds us that music is not just about technical skill or clever wordplay. It is about the human experience and the emotions that we all share. When a song has soul, it has the power to move us and to make us feel something real.