The opportunity, number one, to work with Ang Lee is an amazing thing for me.

Sam Elliott


The Quote in Other Words

Working with Ang Lee is an incredible opportunity for me, and it’s number one on my list.


Explanation of the Quote

The quote highlights the significance of working with a renowned filmmaker like Ang Lee. It suggests that the opportunity to collaborate with someone of his caliber is a remarkable experience. The quote also implies that working with Ang Lee could be a turning point in one’s career, as it provides a chance to learn from a master of the craft.

Furthermore, the quote emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities that come our way. It suggests that we should be open to new experiences and willing to take risks to achieve our goals. The quote also implies that success often comes from working with the right people and being in the right place at the right time.

In conclusion, the quote highlights the value of collaboration, learning, and seizing opportunities. It suggests that working with a master of the craft like Ang Lee can be a transformative experience that can propel one’s career to new heights.