I don’t think I could play a character that I couldn’t relate to somehow. I’m not unfamiliar with frustration, anger, shame, helplessness and a load of other emotions that make up our psycho-soup. I try to focus on that frustration, that sense of unfairness, and multiply it.

Terry O’Quinn


The Quote in Other Words

I believe that I cannot portray a character that I cannot connect with in some way. I am well-acquainted with various emotions such as frustration, anger, shame, and helplessness, which are all part of our psychological makeup. I attempt to concentrate on the frustration and the feeling of injustice and intensify them.


Explanation of the Quote

This quote highlights the importance of relatability in acting. The ability to connect with a character on an emotional level is crucial for an actor to deliver a convincing performance. The quote also emphasizes the significance of understanding and channeling various emotions to create a compelling portrayal.

The actor’s approach to focusing on frustration and unfairness and amplifying those emotions is a unique way of bringing depth to a character. It shows that an actor’s personal experiences and emotions can be used to enhance their performance.

Overall, this quote emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and empathy in acting. It highlights the need for actors to connect with their characters on a personal level to deliver a convincing and authentic performance.